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 Saisuvidha Institute Of Personality Development & Career Awareness

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What is a Fear?

     Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Fear is felt by almost everyone from time to time, but one must know how to deal with it. One should face the fear and move forward towards success.

Why do we need to learn how to overcome the fear of failure?

     When you are faced with tough decisions, to move towards your goal and dreams’, learning about the fear of failure is very much required for every person to tackle with the situation and achieve success. When you realize that failure is not the end of the world, you become free. Failure is just a stepping stone to success.

     And most of our fears are Fear of failure, shame, or somehow not living up to the standards society has put up for us. One should understand the failure and try to overcome the fear of failure, so that one can achieve the success.

Key Benefits:

1. It teaches about how to overcome the fear of failure and achieve success.
2. It talks about the basic obstacles of fear.
3. It teaches the individual about the symptoms and causes of fear and how to move forward by overcoming it.

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In our how to overcome fear of failure session we cover:

  • What is fear?
  • How to Face Fear and Move Forward.
  • The Anatomy or basic obstacle of fear.
  • What are the causes for fear?
  • Symptoms of fear.
  • How to overcome fear?


        Fear attacks only when you are weak and confused. HOW  CAN  A  MOTHER  GIVE  BIRTH  TO HER  CHILD IF  SHE  HAD  FEAR  OF  THE  PAIN  DURING  DELIVERY??? Get yourself involved in the activity which makes you afraid of the failure. QUESTION YOURSELF. Why should fear?  Lets see what will happen. Stick to this attitude.


    "In Order to SUCCEED, Your desire for success should be greater

      than your fear of failure"